Affecting Organisational Culture

in incident investigation is defining the aspects of organisational culture that contributed to the failure. These are the collective practices of the group that preceded the event; the conditions, practices and inactions that were accepted or allowed, even promoted-including, especially, the things that went wrong.

Only after defining the organisational culture  employee wellbeing app can we truly effect change to it–but this concept of culture change is actually much harder than most people think.

There are two prevailing schools of thought with regard to how organisational behaviour and culture is affected. One is due to the direct process of behaviour modification i.e. setting up procedures, rules and systems as antecedents to desired behaviour, and the other is to impact values–a deeper process of attitude and belief modification.

The Trap – Impacting Values Alone There is a lot of research to indicate that the latter approach is fraught with danger, particularly in the context of mature adults who don’t readily change their very personal values at the behest of external forces, and most specifically, enthusiastic employers.

Acknowledging this point helps us understand that the best way to impact culture from the values perspective it to recruit (and then train appropriately) the right people in the first place.

The Way Forward – Adjusting “Collective Practices”

If trying to impact values (a very personal thing) is fraught with danger and/or eventual frustration, the methods of adjusting the collective practices at two levels potentially gives us more room to move and hope for a solution.

Collective practices can be observed by either the actions of individuals (the way we do things around here) or by the interaction of individuals with organisation systems which cannot be “reducible to individual practices,” for instance, the design and use of reporting systems.

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