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Everybody knows the very popular cartoon shows of our times, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Yogi Bear and The Flintstones, just to name a few, have become household names just about everywhere on this planet unless you’ve been living under a rock, but not all cartoons that were made became popular. Some were so unpopular that they only lasted a very few episodes or worse yet, were never released to the mass public. We’re going to take a look at just a few of the rare animations that have come and gone (mostly gone) over the last 80 years. It should be pointed out that an enormous amount of research and brain drain was required to come up with these rare gems.

Back in 1964 there was a cartoon by the name of “The Big World Of Little Adam”. It premiered on January 1 of that year. It was a simple show about a little boy, Adam, who went into space. During the time, the United States was very much into Gemini and the space program so this cartoon seemed to make sense. While over 100 episodes were made, eventually we tired of space and the cartoon itself has totally drifted into obscurity. The only thing remaining of it is the silly theme song that you can find and download all over the Internet. 4anime

In 1949 there was a movie by the name of “My Dream Is Yours”. In this movie there is a scene where Bugs Bunny tries to wake up a little boy. Later on, he can then be seen singing a song with the two main stars, Jack Carson and Doris Day, wearing bunny suits. This movie has so dropped into obscurity that it hasn’t been seen on network television in over 40 years.

If you’re looking for really rare cartoons you don’t have to travel outside of the United States, but back in 1924 Russia produced a little over four dozen propaganda films. These animations were never exported. They were made solely for the purpose of winning over the hearts and minds of the Russian people. These cartoons were anti American, anti capitalist, anti fascist and anti anything that wasn’t the Russian way of thinking. Over 80 years later nobody knows what happened to these animations.

Even some of the more famous animators in history started off by making cartoons that nobody has heard of. For example, a gentleman by the name of Duane Crowther, who was a very famous animator during the 1950s, started off his career by creating a very rare cartoon by the name of Blum Blum. This was a cartoon Crowther made when he was only 20 years old. Blum Blum was basically a cartoon about a character who wonder who he is. The animation goes from the character starting off as Napoleon and then turning into a dog and a variety of other creatures. The animation is crude by today’s standards. You can actually find the animation online by just looking up either Duane Crowther or Blum Blum on any search engine.

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