Cleaning Your Maytag Kitchen Range

The best way to make your kitchen an inviting place to be is to install a beautiful and efficient Maytag kitchen range. Your range is a long-term investment so you want to be sure that the one you select will last you for many, many years. Maytag ranges are very affordable and give you the most service and dependability for the money you spend. Maytag is a trusted name in kitchen appliances and has been around for a long time. Maytag makes wonderful and inexpensive self-cleaning ovens that are easy to operate. Your oven will sparkle with elegance after the sophisticated cleaning mechanism has done its job! custom range hoods

A Magtag self-cleaning oven gets very hot during the cleaning process – generally about 900 degrees. This extremely high temperature incinerates spills, grease and adhered products from your oven and turns it into soft ash. Then, all you have to do is wipe up the ash residue after your oven has cooled down. Maytag recommends that you allow air to circulate through your home while your oven is cleaning because chemical fumes are expelled in small quantities during the cleaning process.

Before starting to clean your oven, it is important that your remove any pans or other kitchen items from the oven itself. Also, remember to remove the oven racks because the finish on them may discolor while your oven is cleaning. They are easily cleaned by simply hand washing them with warm soapy water. The oven doors outside surface will need to be hand cleaned using a mild household detergent. You will need to do this before you turn your oven on to begin the self-cleaning cycle. You also might want to wipe up any excessive debris from the oven floor before it begins cleaning because the debris may cause excessive smoking during the self-cleaning process.

A Maytag kitchen range that has a self-cleaning feature will come equipped with a safety latch on the oven door. This is to assure that the oven door cannot be opened during the self-cleaning process. After you have locked your oven door, all you have to do is to turn the self-cleaning cycle on. Then, after the self-cleaning cycle is completed, your oven will remain locked for an additional hour to allow it to cool down.

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