Customizing Clothing With Rhinestone Beads

If you want to “bling up” an item of clothing with your own special touch, then rhinestone beads are the perfect purchase to give your custom creations a real edge. These inexpensive items have been carefully designed so that they are affordable, yet fantastic looking, and they can  custom clothing nj help to add an eye catching sparkle to any garment.

Rhinestone beads have been created so that they sparkle from whichever angle you look at them from. Many types of bead will only catch and reflect light when looked at from certain angles, but rhinestones are different. They come in a variety of different sizes and colors, so you will have a massive array of choice if you do decide to use this versatile type of bead. They are also available in a wide range of sizes. Although the smaller ones are more commonly used in fabric customization, it is also possible to use larger beads, which are securely attached, as part of statement designs. They are bold and chunky, and very fashionable! If you are using larger items, it is prudent to use a smaller number of beads, spread further apart, so as not to risk damaging the fabric onto which they are sewn.

Although rhinestone studs are available for hardwearing pieces of clothing, such as denim or leather, rhinestone beads are a much better addition to delicate or stretch fabrics which you may be using, such as nylon or cotton. Whilst denim is sturdy enough to be pierced by studs, if you pierce cotton in such a manner, you risk irreparably tearing the fabric, and risk doing damage to the general integrity of the item. Because studs tend to be heavier than rhinestone beads, they can also put more strain on the fabric than rhinestone beads would. Sewing a bead on with cotton is a much better way to attach a rhinestone to a delicate piece of fabric, because this would require the fabric to be pierced only once or twice, using thin thread. In fact, if you use cotton thread to sew a bead onto cotton fabric, both items will be of the same strength and neither thread nor pierced fabric will be compromised. In order to sew on a bead, all you need to do is make a few stitches where you want the bead to sit, and then thread the thread through the bead a few times in order to hold it securely in place.

If you customize clothing or fabric using rhinestones, then you will usually have to hand-wash those pieces once they need to be cleaned. Putting an item with larger beads on it into the washing machine could result in damage to the beads, the fabric, or even the washing machine! When a heavier bead is whipped round and round by the washing machine, it will put unnecessary strain on the fabric, and could result in rips or tears. The gentlest and safest way to clean these items is hand-washing in hot water with other delicate items.

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