How A Simple Management Skill Underpins Business Success Even in a Downturn

Recession or recovery, thriving or just surviving as a business at the moment, I’m guessing you are asking your people to go the extra mile in one way or another. If it is your own business or practice or you are a senior manager in a larger organisation constantly thinking about ways to adapt to the new economy, bring in contracts and keep costs down may be starting to cause you the odd sleepless night!

What is the impact on your managers? They are the ones you are relying on to deliver performance.

My business focuses on unleashing the power of line management to help people make sense of their work at an individual level – driving action and performance, engaging people and ensuring that they keep moving forward. For some time now I have been hearing even the most committed and optimistic managers talk about how pressured they and their people are beginning to feel.

Managers Tell me They Worry about:-

1. Unrealistic expectations around the management of performance set against the sheer relentlessness of ever growing workloads. You may be asking yourself how on earth you extract more from people already working to full capacity. micropile contractos colorado

2. Increasing instances of accusations of bullying and harassment, micro-management and related grievances as people resist the proactive pursuit of targets, especially where it has not previously been the norm. If it hasn’t happened to you yet you probably know someone affected by this. It is often linked to those expectations described above – how do you get the balance right?

3. Disenchanted, anxious people going off sick and leaving already stretched teams under-resourced or short-handed. Sometimes people just can’t cope and the pressure does make them ill. Colleagues having to back-fill and pick up the slack can find their goodwill and sympathy stretched to breaking point. This is where line management can be the most effective practice in calming and supporting people.

4. How to show your best people that their work is valued because you can’t afford to lose them to your competitors – but pay increases of any kind are strictly out of the equation. As someone’s boss you are the singlest greatest factor in helping people cope with difficult conditions. What you do to build and maintain solid relationships can matter much more than a pay increment.

5. An awareness that line managers have an increasingly significant impact not only on day-to-day results and levels of motivation and engagement, but are also expected to take responsibility for people’s wellbeing at work, levels of sickness and absenteeism and encourage opportunities for learning and development.



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