The 7 Common Attributes of a True Entrepreneur

Most scholars state that in order to become a successful  in any undertaking, you must have the right attitude, discipline, good knowledge, passion and motivation.This is also true with an entrepreneur. However, not everyone is born an entrepreneur but you can become one.

Who is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who undertakes a commercial venture with the chance of great profit or loss.If you too would want to become a businessperson, think twice, examine yourself and if you find that you possess the following characteristics of an entrepreneur, then you will make it and grow your business.

1.You must be willing to take risks

Successful entrepreneurs take risks in any business they venture in. There are two things that may happen. The investment may pay off, thereby increase its power and growth. On the other hand, things may not work as expected and lose money. A true entrepreneur may see this as a learning curve and get more experience so that next time he or she is more careful. So, In any business, you will encounter a lot of obstacles and challenges which you need to be aware of as part of your development. We learn more from our past mistakes than from our good choices. Therefore risk taking is good for development in the long term. Do not mourn over the lost dollar, it will pay you off in the long run.

2.You must be smart and intelligent

To work smart is to be knowledgeable, continue learning new skills and take advantage of new and better entrepreneur environment. There are many entrepreneurs scattered all over the planet where one can tap experiences and knowledge.Gone are the days when you were confined to your physical environment. With advanced technology, you can define your community among entrepreneurs who have more experiences, skills and share similar interest that will enhance your entrepreneurial skills to manage your products/services and clients more effectively.

You must be  able  to identify needs and problems of  your customers in order to change their situation and give them the right solution. This will help you gain respect and trust from your customers and clients.You will instantly earn their attention and  their unwavering devotion. They can buy what ever you are offering at any cost.

3. Must be a leader

Leadership is an attribute that is hard to find among individuals. Not many individuals have the nerve to take the lead any organization.

To become a good entrepreneur, you must be a leader. Some say that this is a born characteristic but if you don’t possess it,  you can also learn to become a leader. In fact literature states that leaders are not born, but they are made.

The most powerful attributes of a leader include:


  • A person who does not compromise on matters of principle and standards
  • Some one who has a vision for the future and communicates this vision in a simple way for others to understand Steph Korey
  • Someone who does not give up and leads by example
  • Some one who can set high standards and not afraid to confront even enormous problem despite the risks involved
  • Some one who accepts blame for any failure, instead gives credit  of success to followers
  • Some one who has integrity and courage.


As a leader, you should be able to guide, influence, and direct people. This way, you can handle all your business activities with ease and fewer worries.

4. Have an inner passion for business

Another important  attribute that many entrepreneur lack is having the right passion for business. Without passion, you will never fulfill your desires. Passion is the fuel that drives you to get what you want to achieve.

Do you have the passion for your business?…. Passion leads to productivity, that is taking action to produce results for your business. Passion does not entertain laziness. You have to maintain your enthusiasm and interest in the business. You must put all your soul into it, have a firm belief in what you do. The truth of the matter is  that the  more passion you put into your efforts  every day, the more you will achieve your dreams in real life. This will give you drive  to run the business  despite  the ups and downs.

5. Be honest and trustworthy

Being honest  with your self is the hardest thing in life, but this is  vital to the success of  your business.Customers  would like to deal with honest people and any mistrust will create a bad reputation and that will lead to the down fall of your company.



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