The New Year – New and Infinite Possibilities

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year to all of you! Every year at this time we are encouraged to set our new year’s resolutions and by all means, stick to them. And, often those well-planned resolutions go down the toilet by March or sooner. Have you ever wondered why that is? Could it be that we set ourselves up for failure?

For example, we might say we are going to lose 50 pounds, join a gym and start eating healthier. And then, we don’t feel like dieting (it sounds too much like dying), the gym membership becomes too expensive and it’s easier and cheaper to simply eat at McDonald’s. Next, the guilt pours in – we’re horrible because we couldn’t even stick to our resolutions.

Anyone recognize this pattern of judging ourselves as wrong? So, if you really want change in 2015, what if you chose a new pattern for yourself? happy new year messages 2022

What if the secret ingredient (the one we tend to ignore the most) for your fabulous new year is simply letting go of your limiting beliefs of guilt, shame, and perceived transgressions? What if forgiving yourself sets the stage for a whole, new empowering year – one of joy, gratefulness and utter bliss?

Think about it for a moment. If you are feeling guilty about something, you are not in your power. You diminish your greatness. You allow yourself to become depressed. You become easily manipulated and continually made to feel like something is wrong with you – maybe you even feel worthless. How does that benefit you, your loved ones, your co-workers – the world?

Who might benefit though? What if religions, governments, pharmaceutical companies and the alcohol industry reap those benefits? What if God doesn’t really care about your perceived transgressions? Would that blow apart and destroy your sacred beliefs about a punishing or forgiving God? What if God knows that there is no-thing to forgive? Would that topple your religious programming?

Guilt implies that you have done something wrong. When you believe you can’t fix your wrongness, often times you give in and give up. You weaken. You go on anti-depressants, you sedate yourself with alcohol, and then you become easy to control. You don’t make waves, you allow religious and governmental injustices, you become the puppet.

So what is stopping you from recognizing that this new year is not about resolutions – it is about you and your energetic being? Your energy – loving, forgiving, accepting, harmonious and non-judging of self – will create your new, infinite possibilities for an exquisite 2015. Happy infinite possibilities!

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